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The Maryland-National Capital Park and Planning Commission invited Anthony “Amde” Hamilton of the Watts Prophets Community Education Association, Inc. (WPCEA) a California 501 (c) Non-Profit Corporation to Prince George’s County during the year of July 2006 to conduct a two-day workshop with teens. This workshop served as a preview for a five-day residency project held in July –August 2007. The project has been fully researched, validated and a remarkable success to date see news

The WPCEA has a mission to share the beauty of the spoken word and the transformational power of artistic expression to all segments of society, but especially to young people. Knowing our youth are confronted with issues of racism, poverty and violence, the WPCEA encourages teens to gain deeper understanding of themselves and their community through art and literature.

You and your organization can help the WPCEA in keeping their vision alive by donating to the WPCEA and sponsoring those young people who can most benefit this experience.

Thank you for your interest and assistance with this program.

“Watts Prophets Stop Racial Tension in Juvenile Jail

Like caped crusaders, the Watts Prophets arrived at a juvenile jail in California to ease mounting tensions between Black and Latino youths.

It was the Martin Luther King Jr. holiday, and the trio spent 12 hours talking about hope and redemption. About poetry, peace and a new perspective.

“They made a difference,” one administrator said. “There’s not a doubt in my mind they prevented something from happening.”

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Watts Prophets Community Education Inc. Mission Statement:

To advance public awareness, and involvement in the practices and issues of contemporary literary arts. Providing a challenging program of events which stress new work and diversity, offering a content for literature and the arts; fostering a community for the exchange of challenging ideas and nurturing of discussion and new collaboration and cross fertilization between writers and those working in the other artistic disciplines and fields. In addition, using literature and the literary arts to enhance education and increase lite

A Partnership in Aesthetic Education Sponsored by the Hixson-Lied College of Fine & Performing Arts University of Nebraska-Lincoln “Three different economic and social level High Schools brought together in harmony by the Watts Prophets®” (sharing how the Arts inspired them to deal with potentially divisive issues (of the 1960′s), and how they were inspired to use Rap as a positive form of communication.)







Breed What You Need

An Elder man told me children today are raised like chickens–thrown into the world to grow, not knowing what they need to know or which way to go
Son, he said, Lend me your ear and I will make it clear! Planting seeds in the garden of young brains is a deep, deep thing You’ve got to breed what you need or evil will plant its seed

Man is fertile like Earth, what seeds are planted determine his worth
The cultivation of your child’s mind must be done on your time
A chicken don’t let a duck raise its chicks making chickens act like ducks
Man must protect and educate the fruit of his own vine or leave a generation blind
Fish run in fish schools and learn fish rules ducks quack, roosters crow, a fact we all must know, Copycat is a fact when it comes to things like that When a man sows his seed, he can be sure he ain’t getting weeds
Plant God first deep into the soul of a new birth
Throw righteous seeds where you see a need, plant respect and that expect
Sprinkle the seeds of faith love love love, and work early in the garden of a young child’s mind and divineness shall occupy its time
You’ve got to breed what you need!




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