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Formed in 1967, the group comprises Richard Dedeaux, Father Amde Hamilton (born Anthony Hamilton), and Otis O’ Solomon (also billed as Otis O’Solomon Smith). Anthony Amde Hamilton was the third American to be ordained as a priest of the ancient Ethiopian Orthodox Church. Hamilton, O’Solomon, and Dedeaux first met and collaborated at the Watts Writers Workshop, an organization created by Budd Schulberg in the wake of the Watts Riots, as the African-American civil rights movement was beginning to take a new cultural turn. Fusing music with jazz and funk roots with a rapid-fire, spoken word sound, they created a sound that gave them a considerable local following, but little commercial success.

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  • Ebony Creole Whispers: An’Sestrel Evolution Of Louisiana Black Creole Poets Fr. Amde Hamilton

    Date First Available: 2021 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • Me Today You Tomorrow: “BREED WHAT YOU NEED” (AMDE POET) Journey of a Street Poet

    Date First Available: 2005 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • Ebony Creole Whispers CD Amde Hamilton Fr. Amde Hamilton

    Date First Available: 2021 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • Difficultez Technical CD Fr. Amde Hamilton

    Date First Available: 2015 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • Rappin’ Black in a White World [Explicit] The Watts Prophets

    Date First Available: October 21, 1970 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • The Black Voices On The Streets in Watts [Explicit]

    Date First Available: August 28, 1970 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
  • The Watts Prophet When the 90’s came

    Date First Available: 1996 Manufacturer: Classic Cut Musiz $24.98
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